Monday, 31 December 2012

college sex

This story is dedicated to all sexy girl who are looking for any arousing sex stories. Here is what happened to me one day. Thought not to say anybody, but couldn’t resist myself. I Sonu (changed) 22 years old on completion of my btech. Handsome and good looking. I was simple enough studious) to attract any girl.

Story began when I started concentrating on girls during my last year leaving my study aside. Thought to enjoy my whole year being an engineering student. She was Rima (Changed) my class mate. She was beautiful, sexy and 36-28-36. Everyone who will look her, will wish to fuck her once. She was hardly attending class. So I didn’t have friendship with her. But she had a devil eyes staring always at me. It was me who approached her once and dared to talk. That was the day which changed my life. Her smile was breaking my heart. I didn’t have any feeling for her. Day by day we started talking as much as possible and became good friend. As close as I became to her, that far I went from study. Day and night, I was thinking only about her. I don’t know when but we had started holding hands each other and many more that happens between close friends. I don’t know how she was feeling about me. After 3 month passed, I also started observing her closely that other guys used to do. She had a sexy round boob exposed like mountain. While walking, her hip was swinging in air. She was always wearing a tight jean which was clearly showing her sexy hips shape. Her lip was awesome. I was always string at her each body part. I also wished to fuck her but how? I didn’t have guts to say anything. After returning from college, before sleeping and early morning, I had started masturbating thinking of her. I was staying in a PG with one of my friend. One day Rima asked me to go to my PG. I was not interested, because my room always remains dirty. But she forced me and we came to my room. My friend was not there and has been to another friend’s house. Rima smiled after looking at my room. There were two beds, one computer, and one table in my room. She sat on my computer table and switched on. She was shocked when she found nude lady wallpaper in my PC. She smiled at me with naughty eyes. It’s raining started heavily outside. It was around 7PM. I prepared coffee and we both enjoyed. Its became 8PM. She was waiting for rain to stop so that she can go back to home. But there was no hope. Raining was heavier. I got call from my roomy saying he won’t come back today. It became 9PM. Rima’s home was about 8 km from my PG. I couldn’t dare to ask her to stay here and go back in the morning. I was praying God not to stop rain and was planning to fuck her tonight if she agrees to stay. It became 9:30PM. There was no chance of rain to stop. Finally she told me that “Sonu, if you don’t mind, can I stay here for tonight”. This statement made me speechless and started saying “y..ya..ya...ya....yes..Why not”. She smiled at me and we came back inside room. She was in top and jeans. Before she asked me, I gave her my night trouser and t-shirt and told her to change it. I was waiting for the golden moment.

I was very happy. She went to my attached bath room to change the clothes. I ran behind the door as soon as it was closed. Tried to get a view from the key whole. But couldn’t success. She came out after 20 min. She had taken a shower. Then she asked me to go and change my clothes. I went to bathroom. I could see that she has left her panty and bra in the bath room. She is wearing only t-shirt and trouser. This aroused me to masturbate again. I changed my clothes, removed all my inner wears. Then started masturbating. After sometime, I came back only in trouser and t-shirt. She was sitting on bed. It was already 11PM. She told me that she is very hungry. I had some biscuits. I offered her. Then we were gossiping on bed. Then I couldn’t control myself more. I hold her handand became closer. She also holds my hand. She gave me kiss passionately. My eye popped out. I also kissed her with passion. It was first time I was kissing a girl. We were kissing each other for 5 min. I started licking her tongue with my tongue. She too did the same. It continued for next 10 min. I moved my hand to her waist. She holds my hand and moved on to her boobs. I pressed her right boob with my right hand gently. She moaned at this. I started pressing hard and biting her lip. I moved my left hand to catch her hair. I hold it tightly and started pressing her boob very hard. She told me to hold on for few minute. Then took out her top and trouser. She was completely nude before me. My gun was hurt. It stretched to its full strength with 8 inch erection. It was hot like iron rod. I didn’t do any late and striped out my own clothes. We both were nude within few minute and sitting on bed facing each other. She told me that this was her wish to be fucked by me from a long time. Now the time is reached. She came and sat on my lap with her two legs around my waist. Her 36 inch boob was touching my chest. She was looking so beautiful and was cleaned shave near her pussy. I could smell her pussy. She held my Penis on her right hand gave a kiss on my fore head. She told me that she want to be fucked whole night today. I kissed her on chin and said “My love, I was also trying to fuck you from a long time, today my dream will come true. I will fuck you whole night.” She was surprised at my Lund and kissed on my lip. I hold her two boob with my two hand started pressing. I pressed her nipples. She was moaning at this.

She had pink nipple on white boob looking very beautiful. I started sucking her right boob and pressing the left boob same time. I was in heaven. She was rubbing my dick very fast. I could test her milk which was very tasty. Then I kissed her again to gave her taste of her own milk. I sucked her left boob too for next 15 min. Then I moved my left hand towards her pussy. I touched her pussy. It was warm like hot cooker. I started fingering her. She was moaning “aah aahhhaa” then I left her on bed and spreader her leg with my both hand. Then I moved closer to her hot lovely pussy hole and started licking. I was in heaven. She pressed my head inside her vagina with her thigh and shouting “fuck me hard, fuck me hard”. I licked her pussy for 15 min, then she reached orgasm and left tasty fluid, I drank all. Then I went upward and kept my dick on her face near lip. I used as lipstick and asked her to suck it completely. She took all my dick into her mouth and I started mouth fucking for 10 min. Then I took out my dick from her mouth and rubbed on her chick. Then I turned back and kept my ass on to her mouth and asked her to lick my ass. She licked it, after some time I blew a strong air out to her mouth. I really enjoyed it. Now it was time for seal breaking. Rima was not yet fucked up by anyone. She was virgin. I didn’t know that. I kept my dick against her pussy and started rubbing on it. Then slowly inserted into her pussy. Finally, after a hard push, my dick penetrated her vagina and she gave a big shout. I was afraid what happened. She was crying but saying “fuck me fuck me”. I started to and fro into her pussy. I was in heaven. She was in to her dream. After 30 min of hard fucking I cumed inside her. It was relief. Then took my dick to her mouth and asked her to lick it completely. She did.

Then I cleared her vagina with my tongue and did some tongue fucking. Then we slept for some time nude on each other. I asked her again. Then we went to take a shower and I fucked her again while taking bath. For the whole night, we both were nude. I slept sucking her boob and my mouth was blocked with her left nipple till morning. We had again a very good fuck in the morning. On total we had 5 times. Then she went back home. We enjoyed sex every time we were free. Posted by மன்மத உலகம்

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